Our Program

The Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam offers a higher secondary, college education with more than 20 studies related to media, design and technologies. All our programs lead to Dutch and foreign accredited diplomas.

Blended learning

All programs at the GLR are developed to teach our students the professional skills and workprocesses needed to solve practical problems related to their work. Our concept of Blended learning uses varied teaching methods which make learning at the GLR more interesting, engaging and effective. Classical-style lessons and software tutorial training are complemented with group projectsfor extended periods in order to teach students valuable professional competences. Visiting professionals deliver guest lecturers in our presentation room GLRVIEWPOINT and other training halls.

Getting acquainted with e-learning programs and online tutorials help students learn to study at their own pace and prepare for lifelong learning. Students visit companies, cultural events and travel with school excursions to exciting cities in Europe. Finally, professional internships give students valuable exposure and firsthand experience in their chosen specialization. All these things together help create a unique learning environment which makes studying at the GLR an unmatched educational experience of which we are very proud.

Program levels

The majority of our students are enrolled in full-time programs at Dutch level 4. In 4 years students learn the practical skills and theoretical knowledge that are necessary to start work in their chosen field of work. Programs generally include two internships at qualified companies. Our students arrange internships in The Netherlands or at companies abroad. Students who pass their final assessments and have completed the level-4 requirements earn a Dutch MBO college diploma. Level 4 graduates often choose to continue their study at a higher level college institution or (Art) Academy or University to earn a Bachelors degree.

In addition to the four year (level-4) programs the GLR also offers students level-2 and level 3 basic vocational programs which last for two or three years. Besides the full-time programs, the GLR has a special program that gives students the chance to get on-the-job-training by working at a company four days a week and coming to school for lessons and supervision for one day a week. These programs help students earn level-2 and level-3 diplomas that help them start their careers with entry level jobs. Students who have obtained a level-2 or level-3 diploma can also progress to level-4 studies.