Goals & Mission

The Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam is a Dutch creative college which offers a broad range of exciting studies and professional support in the media, design and technology industries. Our goals reflect our mission: 'to be the most innovative school of our kind for design and media technology in Europe'. The GLR provides an inspiring and motivating environment for our students, staff and faculty to work, learn and exchange ideas. Our primary goals respond to the requirements of the Dutch ministry of education and the demands of the dynamic industries we serve. We strive to fulfil these goals: Develop and offer the most effective and up-to-date education & training available to students and practicing professionals in the media, design & technology industries. Prepare our students with skills and knowledgefor further study at higher level educational institutions, careers, and better futures.


We support our ambition to stay on the forefront of media, design and technology education both inside and outside The Netherlands. Our dedicated department, International Initiatives,actively pursues its mission to search for international partners, to build hubs (collaborations between the GLR and other internationally oriented institutions)and maintain its network of professional institutions and companies outside The Netherlands. Based on mutual development and exchange, our goals for international partnerships are to expand opportunities for students and members of the faculty for further advancement. This often includes student faculty exchange and support abroad, internships and other joint efforts. Naturally, we are happy to discuss any ideas you may have for exchange programs or collaborations between the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and other internationally oriented institutions.